Terminal strips visualization

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Terminal strips visualization

In our terminal diagram portfolio you will now also find a form which can additionally display the type of terminals, the so-called terminal types. The prerequisite is, of course, that the terminal articles are also stored in the circuit diagram for the individual terminals. To round things off, all the accessories for the terminal strip can also be stored in the associated terminal strip definition. These then also appear in the parts lists, if required.

But Eplan P8 can do even more:

From now on, it is also possible to visualize terminal strips in 2D and also 3D.

All specified terminal types, the accessories, the mounting rail and bar and insertion bridges are automatically transferred to the visualization.

So far this has been implemented for the manufacturer PhoenixContact, Weidmueller and Wago.

In the following example, we have completely implemented this for the -X18 strip and concentrated all representations on one sheet:

  • Circuit diagram
  • Terminal diagram
  • 2D visualization
  • 3D visualization

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