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Creation of circuit diagrams with EPLAN, our main business since 1988
  • We have been working with the CAE system Eplan since 1988, first project creation with the CAE system Eplan 3.2 under MS-DOS 4.
  • Continuation with version 3.33 / 3.34. Special applications for the company Siemens in Hamburg, new symbol creation to realize customer requests under 3.33.
  • Change from command level (3.x) to dialog technique (4.x)
  • Various upgrading orders for customer projects from the 3-level to the 4-level.
  • Start of the 5 series in the mid 90s. Conversion from MS-DOS to Windows with Eplan version 5.20. Conversion to EPLAN in Windows mode also in the customer order. Adjustments at parameter level for various customers.
  • At the turn of the millennium, version 5.30 was introduced completely under Windows.
  • Final upgrades of customer projects to the Windows level, necessary reworking of customer projects to ensure full functionality.
  • Up to the last Eplan 5 version with the name 5.7 no more significant structural changes. Officially executable up to Windows XP.
  • We still keep the Eplan version 5.7, although officially discontinued, because some of our customers still work with this version. We have also used this version under Windows 7 and are now working with it under Windows 10. In order to do justice to our customers, this version will continue to run as long as it is necessary.
  • Version Eplan 21 is not introduced because there are no sales orders for it. Instead, the new Eplan structure P8 is implemented immediately. In the course of time, starting with version P8, 1.9 up to the current version P8, 2.9, the changeover from 32 bit to 64 bit at operating system level takes place to ensure the full functionality of Eplan P8.
  • Large order from the company "Hamburger Stadtentwässerung" for upgrading all projects from Eplan 5 to Eplan P8 of the plant components "Köhlbrandhöft Nord" and "Köhlbrandhöft Süd", with all the rework that the customer has provided. This upgrade takes more than half a year.
  • In this context, the standard sheet technology is generally changed from the previous "non-DIN format" to a full A4 format. The required forms (terminal plans, parts lists, cable plans, etc.) are also adapted, further functionalities are incorporated. This changeover is used to implement future applications of Eplan P8 on tablets under Android or iOS during ongoing repair operations without constant partial zooming.
  • Large order from the company "Nestlé, Chocoladenfabrik Hamburg" to upgrade all projects from Eplan 5 to Eplan P8. Development of a “basic project” that can be made available to contractors in the future to enable a uniform data model for the plant.
  • Expansion into the so-called "Kontny basic project", which is intended in the future for customers who have not yet thought about a uniform "Eplan data structure" or have introduced Eplan P8 as a new CAE system or are planning to do so.
  • In addition to the "A4 zoom functionality" for tablets under Android and iOS, the "Kontny basic project" covers almost all possible generation options for Eplan P8. Here we have also developed special terminal plans that enable multi-target technology from terminals to external and internal targets, here we specifically use the functionality of main and secondary terminals in the projects.
  • Furthermore, we have also implemented the functionality in our terminal forms to automatically display additional graphic information, such as Separation plates, departmental separation plates, lids, types of clamps (PE, LED, diodes, fiber optic cables, fuse), test sockets, isolating slides, fuse terminals, switching bridges etc. The system was kept open for all terminal forms to enable future customer requests.
  • Development of a form that can automatically represent distribution circuits and can transfer desired information from the circuit diagrams.
  • We try to implement customer requests in a targeted manner, but do not lose sight of the fact that EPLAN solutions should always be as universal as possible and are also open to further customer requests or new features of the CAE system.
  • Standard symbol libraries remain untouched with us in order not to hinder further developments of the software manufacturer, missing symbols are realized in the so-called “Kontny library”, of course with all rotating and mirror variants, if necessary. We have also developed new PLC symbols that can be used in the circuit diagrams to save space.
  • We adapt to our customers' wishes, but try not to hinder the interesting possibilities of Eplan or to switch off automatic processes.
  • Our customers are Siemens, Nestlé, Vattenfall, SPIE SAG, SPIE Hartmann, Hamburg City Drainage, Autfit, Heitec, Salzgitter Flachstahl, Volkswagen, Hamburg Wasser, to name just a few.
  • We implement both large and small projects and, in consultation with the customer, try to use Eplan as specifically and effectively as possible.
  • We use the Eplan DATA portal, but we also develop appropriate macros and data records that can also be used for automatic assembly plate assembly.



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