Eplan P8 - Multilingualism

Donnerstag   24.09.2020   22:53:26

Eplan P8 Multilingualism

Especially in the course of globalization, it is all the more important that a CAE system offers corresponding problem solutions when dealing with different languages.
Eplan P8 does this in an excellent way. Almost any language can be integrated, different character sets are no problem, Cyrillic letters, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese are not a problem.
Switching from German to another language or bilingual including all forms used is just a click away.
Excel translation tables from external translation agencies are simply imported into the Eplan Translate databases.
Existing monolingual projects are automatically scanned and then revised using a translate database.
Revisions in English and Russian can be carried out directly by our company.


Circuit diagram german


Circuit diagram english


Circuit diagram russian