Eplan 2023.

Donnerstag   28.09.2023   20:39:52

Letztes Update dieser Website 19.12.2022 13:38:03

Current version: EPLAN Electric P8 2023-UPD2-19440

As of now, the new Eplan Electric P8 2022 is also available for processing projects.

In addition to a completely redesigned user interface, new features and a newly created very fast graphics engine, Eplan P8, version 2022, especially for our end customers, impresses with a special new cloud function within the framework of the current European data security (among other things, only cloud servers in the European area).

This enables us to provide our customers with the current version of their project digitally in the cloud at any time. In addition, the customer can make changes directly by redlining in eView Free, which can then be immediately incorporated into the customer's project. Thus, the involved assembly management can access the current data from any computer, even via tablets.


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