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eplan data portal

We basically use the data and macros of the eplan data portal for the creation of our plans in the CAE system.

Non-existing items and macros are created by us according to the guidelines of the eplan data standard and used in the project.

Also for interested device manufacturers, we now offer as a service to create functional macros with all required data and then make them available in close cooperation with EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG in the eplan data portal for downloading by all customers. A comprehensive monitoring tool offers the manufacturer the possibility to directly check how and in which way the macros are used by customers. Experience shows that this gives the manufacturer a competitive advantage over other producers who do not provide this functionality. Besides the cost of our service, there is no further effort.

From the creation of the device macros to the promotionally effective provision in the eplan data portal, we take care of them from a single source. This service is especially interesting for smaller manufacturers who cannot take care of such services themselves due to their company structure.

If you are interested, please contact us.

The following link provides you with an overview of all manufacturers that are currently available in the eplan data portal.



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