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Eplan P8 - the Kontny base project
The Kontny base project contains all relevant templates and forms the basis for adapting base projects of every company that deals with Eplan P8 and intends to create a uniform basis for all Eplan projects.
We help you to implement this project and thus also to equip external suppliers with this basic project.
This is the only way to establish a uniform CAE company status in the long term.
We adapt our database according to your wishes and thus create a generally applicable basic project for your company, the Eplan P8 base project, source of all future and, if desired, older projects from your inventory.
You can take a look at something like this at the following link, directly from our Eplan cloud, which is of course closely based on Microsoft-Azure™ cloud technology and thus complies with all German and European data regulations. The corresponding servers on which this data is stored are all on European soil, of course only the PDF data, the actual EPLAN data remain in their company structure.

Kontny-Base project


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