Eplan P8 Hybrid plans

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Eplan P8 hybrid plans

Eplan is a powerful and versatile tool for creating electrical circuit diagrams.
But the wheel does not always have to be reinvented. Especially when implementing old plans from other systems, it is not always necessary to create all plans from scratch. Here Eplan offers a wide range of options to fully or partially integrate existing plans into a new Eplan project.
It is particularly interesting that e.g. inherited graphics can be combined with eplan-logical elements and so, invisible to the viewer, both worlds form a unit.
The idea behind this is, of course, to save costs, drawing parts that already exist are integrated into the circuit diagrams and supplemented with appropriate logic from the world of Eplan.
As a basis, i.a. following formats:
  • DXF (an exchange format that is provided by almost all CAD systems.
  • DWG (the standard format from the Autocad world)
  • PDF (vector-oriented formats are transferred back into DWG formats with appropriate tools, fonts are converted back into editable EPLAN fonts using OCR technology.
  • JPG formats, but also many other image formats can be integrated again in Eplan.
  • In general, it is also possible to link various formats to an Eplan project (e.g. Excel, Word), when clicking on the page, a corresponding program is then activated at the customer's, and the plans can be viewed or printed out directly.
Another option is the integration of corresponding manuals, which can be called up directly via the devices in the circuit diagram. Corresponding PDF data are part of the Eplan project, and a link to QR codes is now also possible on request.

There are almost no limits to your imagination.
Talk to us, we almost always find a cost-effective solution for your requirements.


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